Conexión Latina

The Conexión Latina (Latino Connect) program provides credit unions with hands-on, expert guidance on how to best serve the Hispanic/Latino market.

For seven years, we’ve been working with credit unions focused on serving the Latino community, partnering to build out Latino-focused community development programs. Without exception, these credit unions are among the most relevant and trusted financial institutions in the communities they serve. Without their credit unions, these Latino consumers would have no access to affordable and responsible financial services. What’s worse, they’d be targeted by predatory and abusive fringe service providers. These credit unions are the very definition of relevance – the state of being closely connected or appropriate.

Conexión Latina consulting is specifically designed for those credit unions that have identified a Latino community they would like to serve, but need to develop a sustainable strategy through which they will become the financial institution of choice. We help credit unions in the entire spectrum of Latino outreach competency, from those that are at an emerging stage to those with more established business models. We can help you with business planning, target market analysis and needs assessment, product development and implementation (citizenship lending, ITIN loans, etc.), compliance, partnerships development, grant writing, and much more.

YCUP’s team of experts has many years of hands-on experience specifically serving Latino target markets in small, medium, and large credit unions. Our team knows who to talk with in each community to identify ideal partnerships to reach the Latino market, how to address compliance needs for accepting alternative identification for non-citizens, and how to design profitable loan programs targeted to immigrant residents and emerging Latino businesses. Members of our team are also certified translators – they can help you translate your documents, website, marketing collateral, and disclosures.

We will help set up your program and shorten your learning curve!

Conexión Latina Consulting Includes:

  • Latino market-focused strategic and business planning
  • Alternative identification compliance review (policies, account and loan documents)
  • ITIN (alternative identification) underwriting guidance (policy, pricing, risk management)
  • Staff and director Latino diversity training
  • Special underwriting programs for the Latino market (design and set up)
  • Indirect auto loans
  • Micro small business loans
  • Citizenship loans and application programs
  • Loan participations for sale
  • Translation services (documents, website, and marketing)
  • Immigrant accident and critical care insurance (for low-income, working-class immigrants)
  • Latino community partnership development (identify, outreach, and develop partnership terms)
  • CDFI grant writing focused on serving the Latino market (loan loss reserves, capital and operating expenses)

If you have a Latino target market that you would like to embrace and serve, but lack the expertise to get started, Conexión Latina is perfect for you. Our experts have set up, managed and consulted many of the most successful Latino-focused credit unions.